Auto Injury Treatment

Because many emergency room doctors are not trained to identify the delicate soft tissue damage, you may be sent home with pain medication and left without a proper diagnosis of your pain. Don’t let yourself fall victim to years of chronic pain following an auto accident.


No two auto accidents injuries are alike...

Thousands of people are injured in auto accidents in Oregon every year, allow us to help you through this process.

We don't have one size fits all solutions. We'll treat your injuries with care, making sure that you are covered, no matter where the pain is. You'll experience relief after one session.

Even minor fender benders can lead to an injury...

We want you to experience care from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Here are a few of the pain management services we provide:

• Whiplash
• Headaches
• Vertigo or Dizziness
• Ringing in the ears
• Difficulty sleeping
• Neck Pain
• Migraines
• Stiffness
• Back Pain
• Shoulder Pain
• Numbness
• Spinal Injuries

When should I see an auto accident chiropractor?

As soon as a possible. There is no reason to tolerate unnecessary pain from auto accidents.

With a unique one-on-one approach to patient care and years of combined experience, we are dedicated to helping you and your loved ones recover quickly and naturally from debilitating auto accident injuries.

Say goodbye to pain and discomfort from auto accident injuries...

Your quality of life depends on your ability to live in comfort. We'll treat you like family, so you can finally get back to doing what you do best, living a wonderful, meaninful life...